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Android is one of the operating system which is based on Linux. It was acquired by Google where it is used in mobile phones and tabs. Applications are developed in TV, mobile phones and other electronic devices with help of android applications. Most of the smart phone application developers use the android application for their application development. This application is used in millions of mobile devices. There is a huge demand for Android developers due to the vast demand in android. 

If want to make your future bright in IT industry, then come and join in our institute.


Our institute is a Chennai based software progress company. We are innovator in iOS and Android Training in Chennai...

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  •   History
  •   Android OS
  •   Description of Android
  •   Android Version
  •   Development Tools used in android
  •   Architecture
  •   How to install android application
  •   OOPS Concepts
  •   Introduction to android components
  •   Life cycle
  •   Application development
  •   User Interface
  •   Android Application Structure
  •   Techniques used in layout
  •   Understanding the intents
  •   Data Storage
  •   Broadcast Receivers

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